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Colleges Say They Will Require Students to be Vaccinated

by Faith Fields / May 4, 2021 As plans are getting made for enrollment in the fall, some colleges are announcing that they are requiring students to be vaccinated to enroll in classes and live on campus. Duke and North Carolina are two of the big name schools that have recently announced they will be […]

The New Fake ID: Forged COVID Vaccine Cards

by Faith Fields / May 4, 2021 The new trend has become people showing off their vaccine card for the shot against the COVID-19 virus. With many people still scared to get vaccinated and some restrictions getting established, the unvaccinated people quickly found a way around this. Forged vaccine cards. The cards themselves are very […]

CDC says vaccinated people do not have to wear masks

by Cade Slaughter / May 3, 2021 There has been exciting news that has recently come out from the CDC that relates to masks. The CDC stated that vaccinated people throughout the United States and the world can go outside without masks. A lot of it has to do with the fact that approximately 140 […]

DC Police Investigating Viral TikTok, Protecting Officer over Ma’Khia Bryant Incident

by Cade Slaughter / May 2, 2021 Around Monday, a rather viral video on TikTok emerged, depicting a video of an officer being asked if he would ‘kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant’. The officer in the video responded back to the camera, saying with no remorse, ‘Are you going to stab somebody like her?’ The […]