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Massive College Admissions Scandal Exposed

A widespread college admissions scandal involving the nation’s wealthiest parents was recently exposed. According to CNN, rich parents were using the front of a college-preparatory program to get their children into the elite colleges of their choosing. Traced back to 2011, $25 million in bribes has been paid to cheat the university admittance process. This […]

80-Year-Old Tows Away Burning Car to Save Son’s Home

80-year-old Norman Haerr of Taylor, Missouri noticed a fire outside his son’s home on Thursday March 7. Shannon Haerr’s daughter, Hattie, a senior at Palmyra High School, was home at the time, not knowing that her car had ignited in flames. At home doing rehab from a knee replacement surgery, Norman Haerr saw smoke engulfing […]