Hannibal-LaGrange Works to Combat Financial Situation

by Sam Leon / April 26, 2022

Hannibal-LaGrange University is seeking to fundraise $2.2 million to counter its current financial struggle. Vice President for Academic Administration Dr. Robert Matz explained that factors such as inflation and decreasing student attendance nationwide are among reasons for this. Dr. Matz told faculty Monday that the university has raised about $800,000 over the past four to five weeks. Local churches and local business leaders are among the contributing donors. Hannibal-LaGrange hopes to reach its goal by June 30. 


Fundraising events such as a phonathon, alumni outreach, a Day of Giving, and other opportunities have helped to advance the process.

The school has made other steps to combat the problem. Dr. Matz explained that curriculum changes will take place. There will be modifications to what each major requires in order for a student to graduate. This will not alter the original 124 credit hours required to graduate. Rather, the school will focus more heavily on key courses for that major, freeing up elective choices. In turn, this will provide students the opportunity to expand their skill set and potentially earn an extra degree more rapidly. 

Staff and faculty have also taken one day off in their work week, inducing a 20 percent pay cut. Many have volunteered that unpaid extra day back.

Hannibal-LaGrange does not plan to make any extracurricular changes, although golf will no longer be offered in the future. Aside from that decision, the university has no further plans to cut any extracurricular or academic programs. 

All current students’ scholarships will continue to be honored, however there may be changes in that area for new students.  A minimum 4.6 percent rise in tuition and fees will also be effective next year for all students. 

In early April, student life announced that the school also finalized an agreement to sell their Pulliam St. Apartments. The buildings’ separation from campus, condition, and school’s financial status were among deciding factors. Few students will be affected.

How can students help in Hannibal-LaGrange University’s struggle? They can participate in fundraising events like the school’s most recent Day of Giving and also encourage local churches to help. The biggest way students can contribute, however, would be to sign up for classes, including summer courses.

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