Chris Pratt Facing Cancel Culture For Attending Church

by Harrison Askey / April 26, 2022

After the trailer for Marvels new Thor movie, Thor Love and Thunder was released on April 18, Chris Pratt once again has found himself in the middle of some controversy. All of this controversy has been going on for years actually, and it is based on the simple fact that he attends church. Pratt has not once said anything or professed his beliefs on anything that could get him “canceled,” however, based off of speculation and rumors that the church he attends is homophobic, he is having to face cancel culture.

This all came back into mainstream media after the trailer for the new movie has his character Star Lord give his team a speech saying that if they ever felt lost they should “look into the eyes of the people you love” which then has the main character Thor stare intensely into his eyes. In the comics for the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Lord has been portrayed as bisexual, and although Pratt has never once spoken about his opinions on sexuality, people are wanting him to be replaced with actor Patrick Wilson who looks similar to Pratt.

Pratt has spoken multiple times at this point about how his church is welcoming and loving toward everyone, but because of rumors with no solid evidence behind them, he is being attacked by social media. This highlights the negative aspects of cancel culture, and this case also highlights how cancel culture proponents appear not to be promoting freedom of speech and actions, but to containing and manipulating it.

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