Brooklyn Nets Most “Skilled” Duo Swept by Boston Celtics

by Harrison Askey / April 26, 2022

Brooklyn Nets iconic duo (Left) Kevin Durant and (Right) Kyrie Irving

From the time they were acquired, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were considered to be some of the biggest threats in the Eastern Conference and certainly a duo to be looked out for. However fans had to wait to see the duo in action after Durant was out for a long duration with an injury, and by the time he got back, Irving was injured.

Ultimately this was somewhat disappointing, but Nets fans still had hope for the franchise, and they got even more excited after James Harden was acquired by the organization. However things started to go downhill for Nets fans after watching this trio lose many games and just look extremely unorganized. Fans started to blame Harden for the losses, and eventually he demanded a trade, and fans had hope that things would get better again.

But that leads us to today, the Nets most “skilled” duo has just been swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. This shows a lot about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and their respective legacies. It begs the question of how much of an impact they actually had on their previous teams, seeing that now that they are the only key components, and they have failed time and time again. This shows that as skilled as these two are, they might not have the attitude that helps their team win championships, and it also questions their overall talent as players in the NBA because disasters like this rarely happen.

For the Nets fan base, this is something very tough to go through, and I’m sure they’re having some regrets about the decisions that the Nets front office has made.

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