College Football’s Coaching Changes and the Effects They Have On the Season

by Harrison Askey / December 8, 2021

University of Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal

The 2021-22 college football season has seen a lot of coaching changes this year from some very significant schools.

One significant coaching change that happened was the University of Oklahoma’s head coach Lincoln Riley taking the head coaching job at the University of Southern California after coaching at OU for 5 seasons. Riley’s reasoning behind leaving was apparently because he wanted to seek a new challenge; however, it seems like there are other factors involved. For example, OU was planning on jumping from the Big-12 to the SEC which would have faced much more competition, where USC is in Pac-12 which doesn’t really have much competition or playoff level threats in it. With Riley’s young offensive mind, he would be able to help USC move into a powerhouse position immediately, and with him having the commitments of very talented athletes in the class of 2023, he will have a lot of prospects to work with and develop. One big change that this move has made for college football is the fact that their might be a team to watch out for in the Pac-12 now depending on how Riley is able to shape this team.

The other really significant coaching change was the University of Miami’s head coach Manny Diaz being fired after 3 seasons and being replaced by the University of Oregon’s head coach Mario Cristobal. This change was mainly due to the fact that the University of Miami had been looking to offer this position to Cristobal since he used to be both a player and assistant coach under Larry Coker in the past. This change had some immediate affects on the team as they were uncertain with what was going to happen with their coach and the program. Over in Oregon Cristobal leaving caused 3 top level recruits to de-commit from Oregon which is very significant to the future of their program.

These changes are intriguing since there is still a lot of football left to play, and these coaches build these programs like a family with the coach’s role as one of the key pieces. So it will be very interesting to see the effects having so many key pieces being switched around will have on these teams.

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