NCAA Football

by Nick Gilbert / November 16, 2021

College Football is nearing its season end. Week 11 is in the books, and Conference Championships are just two weeks away and after that Bowl games. Plenty of time left for teams to change their fate in the coming weeks.

The College Football playoff is among us with the third official rankings released on the evening of November 16th. The Top 6 remained unchanged from the previous week: #1 Georgia, #2 Alabama, #3 Oregon, and #4 Ohio State. On the outside looking in is #5 Cincinnati and #6 Michigan.

Georgia, Cincinnati, and #22 UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) are the only unbeaten teams in the Top 25 as well as the entire FBS level. Georgia is currently the favorite according to experts to win the championship.

If the CFP started today, Georgia would face Ohio State and Alabama against Oregon, with the winners facing one another for the title. Georgia has spent the last five weeks at the number one rank and four weeks before that at number two. After the Week Six rankings came out that they were voted unanimously to number one, this was the first time since 1982 as well as the first time holding the top spot since 2008.

Alabama is of course no stranger to being ranked inside the Top 4. Ever since the inception of the CFP back in 2014, Alabama has made the final four every year besides the 2019-2020 season. They have eight wins overalls, three championships, and six of seven appearances.

If Alabama continues on the path that they are on, they will have to face Georgia in the SEC (Southeastern Conference) Championship Game which may kick them out of the Top 4 if they lose. Georgia on the other hand could still make the CFP since it more than likely will be their only loss.

Cincinnati fans are irate and feel disrespected at the continual snub that their team is receiving. For the third straight week, the Bearcats are on the outside looking in. This is the best ranking for the Bearcats in program history. Being one of three undefeated teams, fans are starting to wonder if they’ll ever get in the CFP since it hasn’t happened yet.

Selection Sunday for the final CFP rankings will be decided on December 5th at 1pm EST, and Bowl games are slated to start on December 17th. New Year’s Eve marks the start of the CFP with the Capital One Orange Bowl, and the Goodyear Cotton Bowl, the National Championship kicks off Monday Night on January 10th, 2022.

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