HLGU Home Playoff Volleyball Had A Redout And A Huge Win

by Dillon Dildine / November 16, 2021

The Hannibal-LaGrange University Women’s Volleyball Team hosted Central Baptist College in the Semifinal round of the American Midwest Conference Women’s Volleyball Tournament. This game was the first home playoff game for the women’s volleyball team in a very long time. This meant a lot for the team and the school. So, the stands were full.

The student section was in all red and cheering loud as ever. This was also the first game of the year HLGU’s mascot showed up to hype up the crowd. Even the parents and nonstudents filled up the rest of the stands and gave plenty of cheers. With all the crowd support going their way, the Trojans came out on fire against the Mustangs.

,The Trojans took a 2-0 lead with the two first sets. This was looking like a playoff sweep but the Mustangs came out better in the third set to make it 2-1. After this set, both teams took a few minutes to gameplan for this fourth set. With a Trojans win, they would move on in the playoffs, and the Mustangs knew this.

This next set was the longest and wildest set of the night. Both teams were equal this set, and both battled with all they had, but the Trojans won the set by two in extended play to close out the match. The final score of this wild set was 29-27 with the Trojans winning it all 3-1.

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The Trojans win the fourth set with the fans in the background cheering them on

The Hannibal-LaGrange Trojans lost to Columbia College in the AMC Semifinals. Coach Blakemore added perspective to the Lady Trojans’ match and season: “The first set we played our game.  After that we began to make some mental errors which we could not recover from.  All in all, we have played well through our conference which has not happened in a long time.  We will get up and regroup for NCCAA regionals next week.”

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