Coach Kryzewski’s Grandson and Duke’s Star Player Arrested with DWI Charges

by Harrison Askey / November 16, 2021

Some of Coach K’s players are in a bit of hot water after getting pulled over and arrested last Sunday morning.

If you follow college sports, you are aware that this type of thing especially at big universities like Duke happens a lot, but when it happens to an athlete and especially athletes like Coach K’s Grandson Michael Savarino and Duke’s number one prospect and most likely a future lottery pick Paolo Banchero, it is very surprising to hear.

Savarino is a junior guard at Duke, and his mother is Debbie Savarino who happens to be Kryzewski’s eldest daughter who is also an assistant director of athletics for Duke. Savarino was pulled over in Orange County after a suspected stop sign violation where he showed that he was intoxicated and also had an illegal 0.8 BAC. The officers took Savarino into custody but only cited Banchero for aiding and abetting the DWI, but he was released from the scene.

This was good news for Duke fans as Banchero was still able to play against Gardener-Webb University having 10 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists in the 92-52 victory.

However, this begs the question of whether Banchero should have gotten in more trouble. And that is a really good question because there has to be a line with these athletes and what all they can get away with. Some argue that they are in a higher light and have to have a higher responsibility, while others argue that they should be able to have less responsibility off the court since they are already having so much responsibility on it.

Paolo Banchero

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