NFL Kickoff

  • Nick Gilbert / September 9, 2021

The 2021 National Football League season is among us. Starting September 9, professional football graces our television screens again, with kickoff happening between “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys traveling to Tampa Bay to take on the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Buccaneers. Grammy Award winning pop superstar Ed Sheeran is set to perform at the 2021 NFL Kickoff Experience.

A number of rule changes are in effect for the new season, one especially which may come to a surprise to some but to many a ‘could careless attitude’. Jersey number changes are more relaxed when it comes to the players choosing. Before depending on the position, a player only had a select a few numbers they were allowed to wear. Now with more choices at more positions, players have more freedom in selecting their number, a numerous amount of changes have already happened.

With the ongoing pandemic, protocols and rules are closely monitored, more so than the previous season, especially when it comes to said players vaccination status. Missing games for testing positive may result in a forfeiture of game(s). If any team has an outbreak and the game is unable to be rescheduled or postponed, this will result in a loss. Depending on vaccination status and precautions in terms of testing negative/positive in a certain amount of time differentiates between the two.

The Bucs beat the Cowboys in the season opener, 31-29, with a last second field goal.

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