ESPN Duped by Fake High School Football Team Bishop Sycamore

  • Harrison Askey / September 7, 2021

Last Sunday an unusual event occurred in the world of high school sports. ESPN broadcasted a football game of powerhouse football school IMG Academy from Florida and Bishop Sycamore high school in Ohio. These two teams were said to have some of the best high school prospects in the country and the game was highly anticipated among college scouts.

Roy Johnson

IMG academy beat Bishop Sycamore 58-0. Nothing seems odd or unusual about this game until it came out that Bishop Sycamore high school didn’t even exist. The whole team of Bishop Sycamore was fake from the legitimacy of the roster to there being no schools in Ohio called Bishop Sycamore.

The first big thing to talk about is the roster that was composed of people who were already graduated from high school, some of these guys played for different junior colleges and some didn’t play anywhere at all. The consensus age of the roster was about 20 years old, and some of the younger players on the team were 18+ years old. Bishop Sycamores’ head coach Roy Johnson has an active arrest warrant on him for an unpaid fine over a case of assault in 2020.

The next thing to talk about is the locations and addresses put down for the school’s facilities. The school itself was apparently located at 303 South Grant Avenue in Columbus which sounds legit until you realize that it’s just the address to Franklin University’s library. The mailing addresses for Bishop Sycamore aren’t any better either. The first address they gave was to an office building in Easton Town Center that has no listing for Bishop Sycamore. The second address given is to a house in Blacklick. When the door was knocked on, no one answered.

All of this caused a lot of problems not just for Roy Johnson and Bishop Sycamore but also for ESPN and how they were essentially duped by the school and put people at a lot of risk for injuries. Not to mention that spot for broadcasting could have been filled by a team that actually deserved to be covered. This is just the start to the problems for both of them as ESPN will continue to investigate and likely place charges.

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