The New Fake ID: Forged COVID Vaccine Cards

by Faith Fields / May 4, 2021

The new trend has become people showing off their vaccine card for the shot against the COVID-19 virus. With many people still scared to get vaccinated and some restrictions getting established, the unvaccinated people quickly found a way around this. Forged vaccine cards. The cards themselves are very easy to replicate as they are just a rectangle of paper with a logo and information you can fill in yourself. These cards started popping up around January but can now be bought and sights such as Ebay and Etsy.

It is illegal to buy or sell these cards, and the CDC is now urging people to not post the format of the cards. The crime comes from using an official government agency’s seal which is the logo on the card. Although the crime technically is the use of the seal, the danger comes from entering places of mass gathering and possibly spreading the virus. The attorney general is urging people to sign up for the vaccine and obtain a genuine vaccine card instead of paying for one on the internet.

First Coast News

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