Colleges Say They Will Require Students to be Vaccinated

by Faith Fields / May 4, 2021

As plans are getting made for enrollment in the fall, some colleges are announcing that they are requiring students to be vaccinated to enroll in classes and live on campus. Duke and North Carolina are two of the big name schools that have recently announced they will be requiring the vaccine, but dozens of other schools have followed in suit. This is due to the fact that dorm living is the perfect environment for outbreaks to occur and can potentially be spread to surrounding communities.

One big question that has been raised with this is, is this legal? In short, yes, it is legal to mandate the vaccination because colleges already require students to submit vaccination records when they enroll. There will be exceptions to this such as religious factors and other health concerns. The main argument by those who do not wish to get vaccinated will be that it is too early and that long term effects are unknown. This argument may become void with the prediction that the FDA will be able to approve the vaccine as early as this summer. Antonio Calcado, who leads Rutgers’ COVID-19 task force says, “Vaccinations are an important tool for making the fall semester safe.”

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