NFL Draft

by Nick Gilbert / May 1, 2021

The National Football League held its annual draft this past week. The 86th annual event was held in Cleveland, OH and had fans present which had many in attendance. Unlike last year’s draft when it went completely virtual due to the newly found virus in which caused a pandemic. This was one of the first sporting events since COVID-19 to have this large of a crowd of capacity. The Jacksonville Jaguars held the first pick in this years draft and were projected to take Trevor Lawrence a Quarterback from Clemson University; who to some may be the next big thing in the sport.

After months of speculations and predictions from experts and analysists, the draft officially kicked off. Some had correctly picked; some had not.

The first two picks were givens, in Lawrence and the second pick Zack Wilson Quarterback from BYU being drafted by the New York Jets. The third pick was a coin-toss for everyone the San Francisco 49ers held that position and were on the fence between two guys. A QB from North Dakota State and a QB from Alabama. This was the drafts first surprise in which they went went the kid from North Dakota State, who only played just one game in the previous season.

The Chicago Bears traded way up on the board to snag their hopeful franchise Quarterback in Justin Fields from Ohio State, who is freshly off taking his team to the National Championship Game against Alabama. The Patriots look to get back on track with their winning ways after the departure of Tom Brady, they drafted Alabama’s National Championship winning QB Mac Jones.

According to experts there are some winners and some losers in this draft. The Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and the Jets all had grades in the A’s in terms of their haul. Whilst Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, and the Pittsburg Steelers all receiving C’s.

There was nothing too exciting that happened that would stand out to a casual fan. Unless you were emotionally invested it was nothing to write home about. The NFL announced it will also be starting a 17-game regular season this year as opposed to the long tenured 16 game. Kickoff is slated for September 9th, with the Super Bowl Champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosting.

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