Lebron Back with Lakers After Ankle Injury

by Harrison Askey / May 2, 2021

Lakers Guard Lebron James

After missing 20 games, Lebron James was finally able to return to play against the Kings. Although the Lakers lost, getting James back is crucial for the Lakers right now seeing how much they have been struggling.

James played as would be expected after missing 20 games, being a bit off and not being able to find his shot early. However, James was able to finish the night off with 16 points, 7 assist, and 8 rebounds.

The Lakers currently stand 5th in the West, but they could easily make one final push toward getting a higher seed for the playoffs. We have seen time and time again though that no matter what seed James and his team are if they are in the playoffs, they have a very good chance at winning.

The Lakers also are missing other key pieces in point guard Dennis Shcroder, center Anthony Davis, shooting guard Kyle Kuzma, and center Mark Gasol. Once they return, it will help make the playoffs look much better for the team.

As of now if the standings don’t change at all by the end of the year the Lakers will be facing off against the Kawi Leonard and the Clippers in the first round which should be a fairly interesting series seeing that both teams are from LA, and it will truly be a battle for who is the best team in the city.

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