The HLGU Tailgate

by Dillon Dildine / March 31, 2021

Hannibal-LaGrange University was going to have a tailgate last Saturday for the soccer games, but it was moved to Monday due to bad weather. Student Activities department held the tailgate event for students and staff. The weather was amazing and everyone had a blast!

The tailgate time was 5:30pm and was perfect for starving students who were finishing up the day or for the athletes getting done with their sport that day. At the tailgate there was BBQ, drinks like soda/water, chips, and all kinds of snacks. The tailgate event included games with volleyball, spike ball, football and more, and there were lots of students and staff enjoying spending time together, moving between different groups of people, laughing and smiling.

It was invigorating to see people on campus having fun with a large group. These are moments we no longer take for granted and appreciate more since the pandemic.

HLGU Students playing sand volleyball at the tailgate

Student Activities Director Stephen Crain had this to say, “It was a fun time to get the students to enjoy a time outside with their friends, something they haven’t be able to do much of the past year sadly.”

To find out when more events like this will be on the campus, go to hlgstudentactivities on Instagram.

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