Mass Shooting in Boulder Leaves Communities Devastated

by Harrison Askey / March 29, 2021

Last Monday ten people were killed including a veteran police officer in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, inside a local grocery store. The shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa started firing with no apparent motive in mind. He reportedly purchased his Ruger AR-556 on March 16, days before the shooting. The authorities are focusing on trying to determine the motives behind his actions, mostly so that the victims families and the community of Boulder can find an answer.

Travis Todd a regular shopper at the grocery store that was affected had this to say about the shooting: “This is just crazy that this happened. It’s unfortunate to see our community have to go through this, and it’s honestly terrifying I go to this King Soopers almost every day to get groceries after I play basketball, and I’m just lucky that I wasn’t there that day.”

Other questions have come from this mass shooting, and President Joe Biden believes that stricter gun control laws will prevent events like this in the future and is pushing hard to get gun control in order before another crisis like this happens. However others have been quick to point out that it’s not the guns that are necessarily the problem but the people behind them that are. Also people have made the point that a ban on all weapons but assault weapons in general wouldn’t have changed anything since most shootings or gun fights are done in close ranges, within 12 feet of the person, meaning a pistol would still have the same effect as an assault weapon.

This event has brought a lot of questions that don’t have clear answers, and while we wait for some clarity and answers, the best thing we can do is stay united as a community and a nation and try to better ourselves.

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