David Dobrik Scandal

David Dobrik, a popular YouTube with the fifth most viewed channel, has recently found himself in quite a bit of trouble. Instead of being in the news for giving away free Teslas, he’s now in the news for being linked to a sexual assault allegation.

A underage woman has accused his friend, Dom, of assaulting her while in David’s mansion. Since David was associated with and tried defending his friend, David was dropped from all his sponsorships short after. Some of these sponsorships included Door Dash, Hellofresh, and Spark Capitol.

On top of this, his YouTube was demonetized, and he was forced to back out of his app which was going to bring in high grossing profits. David has released 2 apology videos taking responsibility for his part in this situation, but it is unknown if he will be taken back by any of his sponsors or YouTube.

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