Super Bowl Halftime Surprise (HLGU)

Hannibal-LaGrange University was excited that the Super Bowl. With the Super Bowl featuring the Chiefs and Bucs and with the school being so close to Kansas City, it’s safe to say there are a lot of Chiefs fans. But, the part that HLGU staff was most excited about was to show off a big surprise during halftime.

So HLGU did what they always do, they hosted a watch party. This time though it was in the RFAC not The Loft, so that means we got to see the big game on the big screen. Then that halftime surprise could be on the big stage!

\The students cheered, laughed during the commercials, ate snacks, shouted, all the way up to halftime. Then student activities knew it was time to show the surprise.

The surprise was a brand new, real deal, mascot outfit that will now be at all games! Like the mascots you see when Division I schools have games. The students were freaking out, yelling and screaming about it. You could tell everyone one was in shock! But, they loved it, and they are very excited to see the mascot in totally action at games.

To find videos and more about the mascot, check out the students activities Instagram page. To see that mascot in action, make sure you come out to future HLGU home games.

  • Dillon Dildine / HLGU Vanguard / February 2021

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