Student life and what’s coming up!

Hannibal-LaGrange University is back in full motion with all students and professors coming back to campus. That means student activities is setting up events and holding events to keep the campus entertained and have something for student to enjoy with their free time. Student Life was great with many events during the fall semester like movie nights, game nights, free food events, sports events, and much more.

Student Activities - Hannibal-LaGrange University HLGU STUDENTS PLAYING VOLLEYBALL

The Directer of Student Activities Steven Crain says, “We are very excited to get the students out and about on their free time, smiling, laughing and enjoying HLGU with their fellow classmates.” That is exactly what has happened so far with events that have been going on since the spring semester has started.

One of the big events that has been hosted by Student Life has been Among Us live, the gathering with campus ministry, and intramural soccer the past few weekends. Among Us is what many students have been playing on their phone as of lately. Student activities decided to turn that in to a real life game. It was a great turn out with snacks and drinks as well. The gathering with campus ministries invites students to come out to hear about the gospel, and they, too, have many events coming up. Then with intramural soccer, a lot of teams have been made. So there have been many fans cheering and a lot of goals scored!

These energetic, engaging events on campus are a real boost to student morale, and many more are on the horizon. Stop by the student life office to get more info on student activities to participate in.

  • Dillon Dildine / HLGU Vanguard / February 2021

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