Does the 2021 All-Star Game Need to Happen? Lebron James Doesn’t Think So

The NBA All-Star game is an event where all the star players of the NBA are given a weekend to celebrate and compete against each other. There are many events the fans love during the All-Star weekend such as the dunk contest, three point contest, and skills challenge. There are also many games the fans enjoy such as the celebrity All-Star game which features anyone from comedians and rappers like Kevin Hart and J Cole to Olympic athlete Usain Bolt. There is also the rising stars game which features all the young talent that you could say are on the rise, and finally, there is the actual All-Star game which features the absolute best the league has to offer.

However, as exciting as this is for fans, for the athlete, it’s a different story. The thing about the All-Star game is it marks just about the half way point in the NBA regular season meaning that all of the players are tired and worn out from the strain that playing puts on them.

Most NBA players silently agree they would much rather spend the All-Star weekend completely resting, and Los Angeles Lakers guard Lebron James had this to say about the weekend, ” I have zero energy and zero excitement about an All-Star game this year. I don’t even understand why we’re having an All-Star game. I’ll be there physically not mentally.” James also went on to talk about how with COVID-19 there is no business having all the teams thrown into one city.

After James spoke up about the issue, players from around the league gave their support. Boston Celtics point guard Kemba Walker had this to say, “We all saw what Bron said. I agree, he’s a smart man. He’s been around, and he’s a leader. A lot of things he says are correct.” The NBA also originally had an agreement with The Players Association that there was not going to be an All-Star game for the 2021 season due to the global coronavirus crisis, but the NBA decided midway through the season to change that.

Ultimately it comes down to the fact that as enjoyable as it is for the fans, the players are still people who get tired and need a rest and when they were originally told they were going to get a break, it’s unfortunate to see that change for the players.

  • Harrison Askey / HLGU Vanguard / February 2021

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