Coronavirus cases have taken an upward turn throughout Marion County in recent weeks. Hannibal-Lagrange University hasn’t necessarily seen a trend of original cases starting on campus, but as students travel outside of campus, students can be exposed in other cities.

Since fall break, there has been a rise in cases with students returning from break with positive tests or exposures that require quarantine. With Thanksgiving break approaching, students and faculty are concerned again.

Schools and universities across the country are encouraging safe and responsible behavior outside of school, particularly during break time. Most people are expecting a post-Thanksgiving surge in cases. 

Distance learning does not work well for everyone. Teachers and students are trying to make the best of it, despite the hurdles. Some classes are not designed to be taught online, and making the transition between in seat and online could be challenging for professors at HLGU.

Students at Hannibal-Lagrange University are hoping that a decision will be made shortly about the prospect of switching to online learning post Thanksgiving break. HLGU senior, Rebecca Sheridan said she is hoping a decision is made soon. 

“All the other schools are closing and the cases are getting worse, I think in order to keep us safe and healthy it would be smart to come back after the new year. I just wish they would make a decision and keep us informed in their thought process” said Sheridan.  

Other large institutions like the University of Illinois conduct thousands of COVID tests a day. They have one of the largest mass testing programs of any American institution. The school is conducting, on average, between 10,000 and 15,000 saliva-based tests for COVID-19 daily, at times accounting for more than 2% of all testing done in the U.S.

There have been a total of 36,000 cases in Marion County, and there are an average of 7 new cases daily. November is a record month for new cases .

HLGU VP of Academic Administration posted late Tuesday that the university plans to continue with in-person instruction after Thanksgiving.

  • Kamey Tyler / HLGU Vanguard / November 2020

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