Men’s soccer – undefeated season comes to an end

HLGU men’s soccer team has had one of the best seasons the school has ever seen! Men’s soccer is embarking on a perfect season being undefeated so far coming up on the home stretch. The team knew the toughest game was up next, along with the right of conference champs!

The Trojans men’s team battled against Columbia College Saturday. Columbia has won the conference the past several years, but this year was shaping up to be different for the Trojans. With HLGU being undefeated and Columbia being 3-3, HLGU was looking to dethrone the conference champs. Columbia has been a huge road bump for HLGU in the past few seasons so the men’s soccer team set their sites on flattening that bump and being crowned conference champs!

HLGU faced their most challenging game this season against the Columbia College Cougars. The Trojans fought hard against their top contender for first place in the AMC but lost by 0-2, both goals scored in the second half by the Cougars.

The game was dominated by strong defensive efforts from both sides.  Columbia had two shots in the first half with neither of them being on goal while HLGU did not record a shot.

The Trojans will play next Saturday, October the 17, against William Baptist University in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

  • Dillon Dildine / October 2020 / HLGU Vanguard

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