Update on COVID-19 at HLGU

HLGU has been dealing with COVID-19 with the start of the season just like every other college that is in session. COVID-19 has made a big difference with the start of the school year for students and teachers.

HLGU has been handling the situation with COVID-19 very well with having no positive cases on campus and only have people quarantine to be safe. Compared to other colleges who have many cases in Missouri, HLGU has no cases, which is very impressive. The school is still taking every precaution until the end of semester. They will continue to wear masks in all classroom and social gatherings. HLGU still pushes students to use germ-x as much as they can by handing out some to students when asked for.

If HLGU keeps doing all this, they are looking like one of the safest campuses to be at when going to college. No one knows how long COVID-19 will stick around, but HLGU says they will be ready to still keep it away.
  • Dillon Dildine / October 1, 2020 /  HLGU Vanguard

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