Michael Jordan Becomes Co-Owner of NASCAR Team

Basketball icon Michael Jordan has possibly been just as successful off the court as he was on. Jordan owns a multitude of things including the Charlotte Hornets, a car dealership, a few restaurants, and last but not least, the Jordan brand.

Jordan has recently added a NASCAR team to this list when he bought a stake to co-own team Joe Gibbs Racing. However this was not an impulse decision for Jordan who has been a long-time racing fan. It definitely helps that Jordan was good friends with his co-owner Denny Hamlin and was more than eager to do business when the opportunity came up.

Jordan made history in the sport with this decision being only the 2nd black owner of a full time NASCAR team. Jordan also hopes that this will help the sport gain more interest from the black community. It definitely will help gain interest that the team’s driver is none other than Bubba Wallace, the black driver who was recently in the news after someone allegedly hung a noose in his garage as a hate crime.

Look for the Jordan-Hamlin NASCAR team with driver, Bubba Wallace, during the 2021 NASCAR Cup season.

  • Harrison Askey / October 1, 2020 / Vanguard

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