MLB Spring Training

On February 21, Major League Baseball found its way back on television. The first game of spring training consisted of the Texas Rangers defeating the Kansas City Royals, 5-4. Since then, all thirty major league teams have competed against one another. Currently, the Miami Marlins have the best overall record this spring at 7 wins and 2 losses.

Spring training has given many baseball fans the opportunity to see the MLB’s most notable traded players in their new colors such as Mookie Betts with the Dodgers, Anthony Rendon with the Angels, and Gerrit Cole with the Yankees.

Caleb Scott, baseball player at Hannibal-LaGrange University and life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan says, “Even thought the games don’t really matter in the sense that they don’t affect regular season records, it’s still really nice to get to see the Cardinals on TV. You get to see what players have worked on and tweaked in the offseason, and you probably get a glimpse at the no name prospect who the Cardinals call up in the middle of the season who performs well. With the Cardinals back on TV, it’s a reminder that warm weather is on it’s way, along with the best time of the year, baseball season.”

This is also the first time fans get to see the new baseball uniforms in action as the MLB is now partnered with Nike. Along with the new Nike jerseys, the unique 2020 spring training hats have also been on display. Each team’s hat contains a logo within a logo and will also be worn in batting practice during the regular season which begins on March 26th.

  • Grant Geppert / March 2020 / HLGU Vanguard

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