The Houston Astros are getting blasted across social media platforms for cheating. The Astros were convicted on electronically stealing signs and using them to player advantages. Tactics such as banging on drums, hidden cameras, and potentially microphones.

As of right now, Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner, has not punished any Astro players for their actions. Former manager, AJ Hinch was suspended for a year before his firing following the investigation. Former GM, Jeff Lunhow, also received the same punishment.

The biggest problem with the MLB players is the fact they don’t have all the facts and the case is still closed. The players want the truth and feel as if they deserve the full story.

Several players including Jack Flaherty, Tommy Pham, and even former players such as David Freese all brought their opinions to the forefront on the situation.



The Major league baseball players are demanding the investigation be re-opened. The players who are getting away clean may face punishments… from other opponents.

  • Colton Brown / February 2020 / HLGU Vanguard

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