Monthly Archives: February 2020

Iowa Caucus 2020

This year’s Iowa caucus was held on February 3rd, starting at 7 p.m.  Why does the Iowa Caucus matter so much? Well, that’s because they are first. After a year when candidates start campaigning, we finally get actual votes. Iowans have a lot of influence on the rest of the presidential nomination process. It’s a […]

HLGU Sports Update

Hannibal-LaGrange University fall winter athletics are coming to a close. The HLGU basketball programs have faced much adversity this year. Lastly, the Trojan track and field team has competed in many competitions this winter. Basketball The HLGU men’s basketball team has struggled to find its groove this season. However, the squad rallied to snap its […]

MLB Proposes New Playoff Format

On February 10, Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred, released a proposal of a modified playoff format that could possibly make its way to the big leagues in the near future. Currently, a total of 10 teams make the playoffs concluding the regular season. Each league has 3 division winners, and two wild card teams. […]


The Houston Astros are getting blasted across social media platforms for cheating. The Astros were convicted on electronically stealing signs and using them to player advantages. Tactics such as banging on drums, hidden cameras, and potentially microphones. As of right now, Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner, has not punished any Astro players for their actions. Former […]

Jet Stream Breaks Flight Record

Last week, passengers flying from New York to London experienced an unusual flight. The flight took under five hours to complete. Normally the flight would take 6 hours and 56 minutes. This unusual flight broke the transatlantic flight record. According to multiple reports, the Boeing 747-400 went as fast as 825mph.  A storm called Ciara, […]

The Return of the XFL

The Xtreme Football League has found its way back into existence as the first games were played on February 8th. In 2001, after the league failed to last only one season, many were skeptical about its return. To the surprise of many, viewers have found the league to have interesting new rules, new entertaining elements, […]