Hannibal-LaGrange University eSports club helps local team with practice.

Hannibal High School (HHS) eSports team practices eSports with the Hannibal-LaGrange University (HLGU) eSports Club. Students of both HHS and HLGU meet on Wednesdays to play online competitive games. These games include Overwatch, League of legends, Hearthstones, Magic the Gathering Area, and Rocket League.

The HHS eSports team is led by Coach Corey Lovelace and Coach Brock Sousa. In January, HHS will host an Overwatch invitational for other high schools that recognize an eSports team.

HLGU’s eSports club is directed by Charles Rapp, Trojans baseball pitching coach. Rapp says that they  formed a club team for the specific game called League of Legend, one of the largest eSports games currently in existence. The HLGU team scrimmages the high school team every Wednesday and has added several popular competitive eSports games to the competition and training.









  • John Bondy / November 2019 / HLGU Vanguard

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