Dean Foods Files for Bankruptcy

Dean's Milk 2.0


Earlier this month the company, Dean Foods, decided to file for bankruptcy. The company began losing money due to people buying less milk products. People have found other ways to get their daily dose of calcium without drinking milk. The price of milk has also increased.

The company is having to take out loans from different places to keep the business running. According to multiple reports, the company does not plan on closing. They will stay in business. This will allow them to continue to keep popular items such as milk and butter on store shelves. The owners are planning to sell the company. Dairy Farmers of America is looking into buying Dean Foods.

The reason for the decline in business is that customers are deciding to live healthier lifestyles that don’t involve the use of milk.

  • Erin Prigge / November 2019 / HLGU Vanguard

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