University of Iowa Pays Consequences for Discriminating Against Christian Student Group

A federal court found University of Iowa guilty for discriminating against a Christian student group on campus. In June of 2018, they froze their bank account, shut down their website, and more because they said the leaders were not upholding Christian beliefs. The group called InterVarsity had been a prominent group on campus for 25 years, and when the university shut them down they said it was because they had a lack of student interest. After taking this case to court, they ruled that the university was limiting the groups free speech and free rights.

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The university has a previous past with another Christian religious group on campus. Instead of changing their actions they instead got more harsh on all religious groups on campus which resulted in the law suit. UoI student, Alley Brown, has this to say about being a Christian on campus, “I was surprised when the reality of life on campus didn’t match what was portrayed on visit days. Identifying as a Christian at UoI was really difficult as some of us faced backlash and Christian organizations were under fire.”

  • Faith Fields / HLGU Vanguard / October 2019

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