Joker movie causes Controversy

Warner Brothers released “Joker” this weekend in theaters. The film caused controversy due to the darker and sensitive themes in the film.

Some parents wrote to Warner Brothers stating the film should be censored. This may be due to Aurora Colorado theater massacre in 2014. The film showed there was “The Dark Knight Rises” which is another Warner Brothers film based around DC Comic characters.

Warner Brothers stated this film is not for kids and contains elements that is not suited for all viewers. Some theaters have had police offers stand by in case someone attempted another shooting.

The film is directed by Todd Phillips and stars Joaquin Pheonix as the title character. The film is based on the DC Comic character of the the same name and is an original story. According to movie, the film is rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images.


  • John Bondy / HLGU Vanguard / October 2019

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