California Passes Pay to Play Law


NCAA Logo on a football field (Photo cred:

On September 30, the California governor signed a law that would allow any NCAA player to get paid for playing. Sponsors would be allowed to pay players to wear their logos on their uniforms and use their products. With California signing this new law, there is a high chance that other states will follow this.  The new law will not take affect until the beginning of 2023. 

The NCAA currently has rules that do not allow players to get paid. They have these rules so that all players throughout the NCAA have a fair advantage. If the law is not revised by 2023, then the NCAA will not allow California to compete in competitions because of the disadvantages. Since California has passed the new law, the NCAA plans on looking at their current laws and will decide on whether or not they change them.

There has been a lot of opinions regarding the new law. Some people agree with it while others disagree. Several professional athletes have expressed their disagreements with it through social media. 

Besides professional athletes, local student athletes and sports fans have opposed this new law. HLGU Athlete Colton Brown disagrees with the new California law. Brown says “It needs to be nationwide. Players should be able to start going to NBA in college basketball if they get paid in college.”

It is expected that this law could change in the future.

  • Erin Prigge / HLGU Vanguard / October 2019


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