18+ people dead from vaping

Long labeled as the harmless alternative to tobacco, vaping has recently come under fire for health issues that were previously unknown. According to federal officials, e-cigarettes have been confirmed to be linked to at least 1080 injuries and 18 deaths.

Image: Boston Magazine

Investigations have been opened up this year by several state health departments including Illinois and Wisconsin into the more specific causes of the deaths and illnesses. Symptoms of ill health caused by e-cigarettes can often strike much more suddenly than their non-electronic counterparts. One male resident of Utah went from a relatively healthy 20-year-old hiking enthusiast to being kept alive by two respiration machines and still being on the brink of death in just a few days.

The first reported death was on August 23 in Illinois, but many more reports have followed from both homemade and store bought products. The first reported death from a device purchase in a store was in Oregon, not too long after the death in Illinois.

While the causes of the sudden outbreak of deaths and illnesses remains somewhat of a mystery, officials say that many of the cases have been linked primarily to the illicit use of THC in the vaping cartridges.

While the exact causes might remain unsure, of course the easiest way to protect yourself from the ill-effects of vaping is to simply choose to not use it yourself.

  • Tyler Byars / HLGU Vanguard / October 2019

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