Monthly Archives: October 2019

University of Iowa Pays Consequences for Discriminating Against Christian Student Group

A federal court found University of Iowa guilty for discriminating against a Christian student group on campus. In June of 2018, they froze their bank account, shut down their website, and more because they said the leaders were not upholding Christian beliefs. The group called InterVarsity had been a prominent group on campus for 25 […]

18+ people dead from vaping

Long labeled as the harmless alternative to tobacco, vaping has recently come under fire for health issues that were previously unknown. According to federal officials, e-cigarettes have been confirmed to be linked to at least 1080 injuries and 18 deaths. Investigations have been opened up this year by several state health departments including Illinois and […]

California Passes Pay to Play Law

On September 30, the California governor signed a law that would allow any NCAA player to get paid for playing. Sponsors would be allowed to pay players to wear their logos on their uniforms and use their products. With California signing this new law, there is a high chance that other states will follow this.  […]

HLGU Announces Jefferson City Internship Class

HLGU has partnered with English Professor and 5th District State Representative Louis Riggs to create an internship opportunity for students of the university. The internship will consist of 12 credit hours and the students will be in Jefferson City 4 days each week. Requirements are a 2.5 GPA and that the student is either a […]

HLGU Sports Update

Hannibal-LaGrange University fall athletics are in full swing. Trojan athletes have been competing heavily in American Midwest Conference competitions. HLGU soccer, volleyball, and cross country have each reached the midway point in the 2019-20 season. Volleyball The Trojan volleyball team has struggled in 2019 behind first year head coach Halee Hensley. However, the team has […]

St. Louis Cardinals face uphill battle

The St. Louis are facing adversity once again. For the first time since 2015, the Cardinals finished atop the NL Central division. In game 3, the Atlanta Braves rallied for 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning at Busch Stadium on Sunday. Cardinal closer, Carlos Martinez, was unable to stop the potent Atlanta […]

Joker movie causes Controversy

Warner Brothers released “Joker” this weekend in theaters. The film caused controversy due to the darker and sensitive themes in the film. Some parents wrote to Warner Brothers stating the film should be censored. This may be due to Aurora Colorado theater massacre in 2014. The film showed there was “The Dark Knight Rises” which […]