Johnson & Johnson Settlement

Johnson & Johnson was sued for helping start the opioid crisis. Johnson and Johnson offers the world’s largest range of consumer healthcare products from baby care, skin care, wound care, and a variety of health products including pain killers and ingredients used for opioids. Wall Street Journal reports that Johnson & Johnson led the way in providing raw ingredients for painkillers.

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According to the New York Times, several thousanpeople filed a lawsuit against the company and received a settlement in different amounts. The biggest lawsuit was in Oklahoma claiming that Johnson and Johnson had misleading information in their marketing that caused people to get addicted to the opioids and had a subsidiary pharmaceutical company that made its own opioid pill and the fentanyl patch. Johnson and Johnson has to pay $572 million to the state of Oklahoma. This money is going to be used to start rehabilitation programs and to help put a stop to this nation-wide problem. 

There has been a lot of discussion about this within the HLGU nursing department. Second year nursing student Shelby Kallem disagrees with Oklahoma. Kallem says “The consumers don’t get the products directly from Johnson and Johnson. They get them from the prescribers. Johnson and Johnson could’ve twisted the research if they were the ones that did it.”

While there is much discussion on whether or not Johnson and Johnson started the opioid crisis and on how instrumental they were in sustaining it, the reality is that this is a serious crisis that is being addressed.

  • Erin Prigge / HLGU Vanguard / September 2019

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