HLGU Student Spends Summer In Southeast Asia

photo by Zeru Fitsum

HLGU student Zeru Fitsum spent his summer in Southeast Asia. Zeru and several other HLGU students including Thomas Garr and David Ballew went to Asia as a part of a program to learn more about the culture in Southeast Asia. Zeru learned about the opportunity to take this trip through Facebook messenger.

The trip began on May 28 and ended on June 16. The trip was a culture shock for Zeru. Some of the locations he visited were in crowded urban areas. Zeru said compared to the United States, the area he was in was “Organized Chaos.”

Zeru said that during his visit he saw a man hit a curb with his scooter. The man had the scooter  fall on top of him, and he hit his head. The man was delivering something and had no major injuries so he got up quickly to get out of the area.

This is not the first trip Zeru has taken outside of the country. Last year he went to Israel on a HLGU trip. Zeru is glad he went to Southeast Asia. He learned a lot about the culture there.

  • John Bondy / HLGU Vanguard / September 2019

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