HLGU Dorm Competitions

Hannibal-LaGrange University students have the opportunity to participate in different dorm competitions. The competition runs until October 5th. The teams for the competition are Crouch, Commuters, Lewis, Brown, Apartments, Kleckner, Fletcher North, and Fletcher South.

Winners of the sand volleyball game (Credit: Paul Bross)

Each team can earn points for their dorm by participating in different challenges that the Student Life Office puts on. These challenges can be anywhere from playing volleyball to playing balloon blast. In volleyball, the Commuters won and earned points for their team.

The latest challenge is to create videos with the prompts given each day that Student Life posts on social media. Once the students create these videos, students send them to Student Life.

Resident Director Christina Ruiz says the goal for these competitions is to get students more involved in student activities and build camaraderie between the students.

Currently the Commuters are in the lead with 860 points, with Fletcher North in second place having 800 points, and Kleckner in third place with 670 points. The winner of the entire competition will be announced during Homecoming. 

  • Erin Prigge / HLGU Vanguard / September 2019


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