Trojans host 2nd annual SPEAR Awards

On Monday night the HLGU Athletics Department hosted the second annual SPEAR Awards Ceremony. The event is held to honor the accomplishments of student athletes during their time both in and out of competition. SPEAR is an acronym that stands for Spirit, Performance, Excellence, Academics, and Respect and the awards reflect those characteristics.


The awards presented were the Scholar team, Individual Performance, Team Performance, Male Trojan, Female Trojan, Male career, Female career, Male athlete, Female athlete, and Team of the year. Following their successful seasons, both the track and basketball teams were nominated for and received several awards both as teams and as individuals. Individual award winners can be found in issue 42 of The Experience magazine.


The Team of the year award came down to the Men’s track team vs the Men’s basketball team. The track team ultimately ended up as the runner up to the 19 and 13 basketball team with their 4th place finish in the NCCAA tournament.

Michael Casebolt and Shelby Kallem were named the Trojans of the year. Shelby Kallem was named the female athlete of the year. Michael Casebolt was named the best graduating senior.

The male athlete of the year was Brady Smith, known for some dunks that electrified the crowd.

Kylee Elmore received the award on the women’s side for her talents on the basketball team. Elmore came just a few games short of hitting the 1000 point mark during her career at HLGU.

Overall, the event was a success and promoted and honored the accomplishments of the Trojan athletic department.

  • Tyler Byars / HLGU Vanguard / April 2019

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