Phi Beta Delta Hosts Beard Off Competition

HLGU’s service fraternity Phi Beta Delta is currently hosting their annual Beard Off competition to raise money for missions. Throughout the month of November, anyone can donate to keep their favorite beard in the competition. Each week, those with donation amounts in the bottom quarter are eliminated. Whoever has the largest amount of donations at the end of November is crowned the Beard Off Champion. The competition also has a special freeze rule, in which a $20 donation to any participant must be matched within 24 hours. If the donation is not matched, they will be eliminated and must shave their beard in a style not of their own choosing.

PBD logo

Photo Courtesy of Facebook page of Phi Beta Delta.

23 men participated in the Beard Off this year, and some competitors have already been eliminated. As of Wednesday, November 7, Professor Scott Hall was in the lead, and HLGU President Dr. Anthony Allen sat in second place.

Phi Beta Delta member Brace Tiemann says the competition is a great campus event to help an even greater cause. “The PBD Beard Off is a great way for students on campus to celebrate ‘No Shave November.'” Making a competition out of it really peaks people’s interest, and provides a fun-filled way Phi Beta Delta can raise money for missions! It has almost become a tradition over the years at HLG, and I really look forward to the years to come,” said Tiemann.

Phi Beta Delta members man a station in the Partee Center at lunchtime in which anyone can donate. For more information, contact any PBD member.

  • Emma Anderson / HLGU Vanguard / November 2018

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