Cigarette Smoking Rates Reach All-Time Low while E-Cigarettes Gain Popularity

Image: WHO Urges Smokers To Quit On World No Tobacco Day

Photo Courtesy of NBC News.

Cigarette use among adults in the U.S. is officially the lowest it has been in over 50 years. According to Naomi Thomas for CNN, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began collecting data in 1965, cigarette use was over 40%. Today, cigarette use is down to 14% which is believed to be due to smoke-free policies, increases in price of tobacco products, and a greater understanding of smoking’s relationship with cancer and other health problems.

While cigarette use has decreased drastically, 47 million Americans still use some form of tobacco products. “14% of Americans [are] smoking cigarettes, 3.8% are smoking cigars, 2.8% are using e-cigarettes or vaping, 2.1% use smokeless tobacco products, and 1% are using pipes,” wrote Thomas. E-cigarettes are the most common form of tobacco use among youth in the U.S.

CDC e-cig image

Different kinds of e-cigarettes. Photo courtesy of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

One e-cigarette that has gained fast popularity is the Juul, which at first glance looks like a USB flash drive. However, Julia Belluz for Vox explains how there’s more to the Juul than its appearance. “The Juul has two components: the e-cigarette, which holds the battery and temperature regulation system; and the ‘pod,’ which contains e-liquid… and is inserted into the end of the e-cigarette device,” writes Belluz. The e-cigarette market has expanded by 40% in 2017, with a large portion of that growth driven by the Juul’s popularity.

  • Emma Anderson / HLGU Vanguard / November 2018

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