Illinois Primary Election Results

Primary Elections took place recently in Illinois. To those who follow politics in Illinois, very few of the results will come as a surprise. However, some of the elections were surprisingly close.


Source: ABC – Governor Bruce Rauner

  • On the Republican ballot, incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner won a surprisingly close race. State Representative Jeanne lost by a narrow margin of 20,000 votes with 341,000 to Rauner’s 361,000.

Governor Rauner will face the Democratic nominee, J.B. Pritzker in the general election this November.




  • Pritker handily won the Democratic primary by over 200,000 votes with 573,000 to Daniel Biss’s 337,000 votes.






  • Former Miss America winner, Erika Harold, won the Republican contest for attorney general. She will be facing Kwame Raoul on the Democratic side. Incumbent Lisa Madigan will not be seeking reelection.

Source: Erika Harold


The general election will take place on Tuesday, November 6th.





–  by Tyler Byars / HLGU Vanguard / April 2018

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