HLGU Softball Team Raises $2,600 For Cancer Patients

Hannibal-LaGrange University’s Softball team held the Strikeout Cancer Softball Game on Thursday, April 12th. The game is held every two years to raise money for Hannibal Regional Hospital’s James E. Cary Cancer Center. The Lady Trojans played the Stephen’s College Stars in Thursday’s game. Over 130 people attended the game.

The silent auction raised over $1,100. Photo courtesy of Tyler Byars.

Prior to the game, the softball team sold event t-shirts. During the double header, a group of communication students held a bake sale and silent auction.

During the break between the games, the attendees went to center field for the “Honor the Fighters” balloon release.


The “Honor the Fighters” balloon release. Photo courtesy of Tyler Byars.

In total, the softball team raised $2,600 dollars for the James E. Cary Cancer Center’s Cancer Patient Assistance Fund.

The Lady Trojans won both games with a score of 9-1 and 19-0.


  • Sierra Brown / April 2018 / HLGU Vanguard




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