USA women’s hockey team beat Canada on shootouts and are gold at the Olympics


NY Times

 Canada vs. United States in women’s hockey is always tense. The Olympic history helps to explain this story a little. Before the 2018 Winter Olympics, there were three Canadian titles on America, and only one American title on top of the Canadians.

But last week, the women’s team of the United States won the gold medal, beating Canada 3-2 on penalties at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. It was the first US Olympic title in the last 20 years. Since 1998, the US women’s team did not have the gold in ice hockey.

The match went to the sudden death overtime, whoever scored a goal first would have the gold. Both teams preferred caution. Even so, the Americans were better at attacking more. With 1 min 35 to the end of the overtime, US hockey player Megan Keller was penalized and took 2 minutes off the rink. It was what the Canadians needed, having one more player. But the American defense ran and worked hard. The game was tied at the end of overtime. It went to a shoot out.

Merit for goalkeepers — on one side, Maddie Rooney (USA), on the other Shannon Szabados (Canada). On penalty kicks, Marvin and Kessel scored for the US, Agosta and Daouts for Canada. When Jenner lost the fifth kick, it was in Knight’s hands to secure the American title. But she wasted the chance. One more penalty for each. Hero of the tie in normal time, Lamoureux scored again and left the decision in Agosta’s hands. The Canadian, who had just scored the time before, was stopped by Rooney … and the Americans could finally celebrate the Olympic two-time championship.
“It’s all for our country. I can not say how happy I am for our players. It’s surreal. I am so grateful for the result. It was an exciting, surreal final” -Rob Stauber, coach of the American team.

  • Maria Monteiro / February 2018 / HLGU Vanguard
USA Women's hockey team celebrating the Olympics gold medal.

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