US Olympics Update

The Olympics ended February 25th, and these winter Olympics made history. By the end of the Winter Olympics, for team USA, there were 9 gold, 8 silver, and 6 bronze. This is not too bad for the US.

The United States won gold medals in the sports of Curling, Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Ice Hockey, Freestyle Skiing, and Cross-Country Skiing. That were a lot of events.

But specifically in the snowboarding arena, Shuan White scored the 100th gold medal for the United States, and it was a very emotional time for White. Before the Olympics, White had an injury that caused him to get 62 stitches, and it was a miraculous occurrence that Shuan White could continue snowboarding, especially snowboarding in the Olympics.

The United States received silver medals in Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle skiing, Bobsleigh, Short track speed skating, and Luge. We then received Bronze in the categories of Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Freestyle Skating, Alpine Skiing, and Snowboarding. This 2018 Winter Olympics had its ups and downs, but the US overall finished in 11th, with Norway finishing in first over all the countries competing.

  • Alia Calhoun / February 2018 / HLGU Vanguard


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