Companies drop support for the NRA

In the wake of a few school shootings, many companies have decided to sever their ties with the National Rifle Association. In the past week, the hashtag #BoycottTheNRA has been tweeted thousands of times and put enormous pressure on corporations to end their sponsorship deals.


Source: NBC

The companies to drop their support include: United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hertz, Avis, MetLife, Norton, and First National Bank, along with many others. FedEx is one of the few major brands that has refused to drop their support. Although FedEX continues to offer discounts of up to 26% for members, the company says that they do not support the views of the NRA on the legality of assault rifles. FedEx says that they will continue to provide quality service to their customers, regardless of their political views. Among those who still have ties to the NRA, Amazon has come under fire for still having NRA TV available to stream.


Source: Independent Media

Many of the severed sponsorships have been the direct result of activists on social media.  About half a dozen brands responded directly to their customers complaints and said that they were beginning the process of cutting ties with the NRA.

In response to the public outcry, President Trump has recently extended an offer to Congress to work on restructuring our nations gun laws.

  • Tyler Byars / February 2018 / HLGU Vanguard

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