Sexual Assault in Basketball

One of the most recent claims of sexual assault in the sport of basketball comes from Georgia Tech. The allegations are toward the coach for Georgia Tech, Josh Pastner. Allegedly Josh Pastner sexually assaulted one of the players girlfriends in February  2016.  The university, at this point, has not commented on this allegation against this Georgia Tech coach. The coach on the other hand is very adamant that he did nothing to this girl. This is just one of the many sexual assault claims in the world of basketball.

Players for these basketball teams can also be the culprits to these sexual assault allegations. One player from St. Louis University is being expelled, because of these allegations. Apparently, him and some friends were at a party and three girls were sexually assaulted by four men. Three of the men are not being charged so heavily, according to the lawyer for the three men, they had permission from the ladies prior to the events that occurred. He also claims that the only reason the girls are upset is because the guys started taking pictures and they did not want their secrets out. The fourth boy of the group was expelled, there was no real explanation why, but he had no comment about the case.

  • Alia Calhoun / February 2018 / HLGU Vanguard


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