NFL: Top 3 Stories to Follow this Offseason

Story #1 – Kirk Cousins

Cousins TRIB

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Kirk Cousins. The 29 year old quarterback out of Michigan State seemingly looked forward to resigning with the Washington Redskins. He had been franchise tagged by the team in his previous two seasons but felt confident in getting a deal done this year. The team then traded for Alex Smith. Now Cousins looks forward to free agency.

The two teams Cousins should strongly consider signing with are the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos. These two teams have a variety of weapons on both sides of the ball and appear to be 1 play caller away from being playoff teams and contenders. Von Miller of the Broncos and Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals both have stated that they believe in Cousins and want him to sign on to their respective teams.

We will see how the Cousins sweepstakes pans out, but it should make for an exciting off-season.

#2. The Catch Rule.

Jesse James

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Lots of questions continue as the catch rule stands. Many teams, players, owners, and fans are confused about what all is needed for a catch to stand or be considered incomplete. The most recent controversy happened in the Super Bowl. Did Zach Ertz score? Did he become a runner prior to crossing the goal line and losing the ball on impact to the ground? This off-season it appears the league is looking to modify the rule in hopes to get more understanding and consistency. The league looks into whether they should scrap the rule and rewrite it completely or simply try to reword the rule so that calls are easier to make and more consistent. No rule will be perfect, but we are simply looking for better.

#3. Nick Foles.

nick fole

USA Today Images

Foles looks to be a very interesting topic this off-season. He just led the Eagles to a Super Bowl championship and won Super Bowl MVP along the way, but Carson Wentz is their starter. What will the Eagles do with Foles and what does Foles want? If the Eagles look to trade Foles, now is the time. He has proven to be a solid player and can perform in big moments. His stock won’t be any higher than it is now. Foles has one year remaining on his contract, and the Eagles may want to keep him around as an insurance policy, just in case Wentz’s recovery takes longer than expected. If I were the Eagles I would look into trading Foles, but only if Foles wants to go. He has earned the right to stay the remainder of his contract if he wants. He helped win the team its first Lombardi trophy, and they should work with him on what happens next.

These three stories will dominate headlines and have many teams and their fans waiting to see what happens. For now, we wait.

  • Caleb McElfresh / February 2018 / HLGU Vanguard

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