“Americans are Dreamers, too”

A little over one week ago, President Trump gave his first State of the Union address. The address focused primarily on the economy, security, and unity. However, in spite of the underlying message of working together, there were still some pointed jabs at the President’s democratic opponents. In a reference to the economy and the controversial DACA legislation, the President said “Americans are dreamers, too.”


Image: CNN

There were many statistics referenced throughout the speech that caused the entire chamber to stand. However, partisan divide was evident throughout the speech. At one point, the record low of black unemployment was referenced and not one democrat joined the republicans in standing and clapping.


Image: CNN

Throughout the speech, many references were made to the accomplishments of the first year president. Accomplishments such as supreme court justice Neil Gorsuch, record market highs, rising wages, unemployment lows, and tax cuts. Trump also reiterated his campaign promises to repeal Obamacare and to build a wall. In the speech he admitted that he was willing to make some concessions to the Democrats to get the wall, but national security is still one of his biggest priorities.

The president still has a lot left on his agenda, but for now he says that the state of the union is strong.

  • Tyler Byars / February 2018 / HLGU Vanguard

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