“Good government should get out of the way of good people. I am running for 5th District State Representative to help our citizens to realize a better future by fighting to lower your taxes, eliminate job-killing regulations, fully-fund public education, and to find better ways of paying for our roads and bridges.” -Louis Riggs, MO […]

On November 9th, Luke Zamperini, son of famous athlete and Prisoner of War Louis Zamperini, spoke at the 77th annual Hannibal-LaGrange University Booster Banquet. Attendees had the opportunity to hear Zamperini give a keynote address during the banquet, and those who bought VIP tickets had the opportunity to attend a private reception to meet and […]

Cigarette use among adults in the U.S. is officially the lowest it has been in over 50 years. According to Naomi Thomas for CNN, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began collecting data in 1965, cigarette use was over 40%. Today, cigarette use is down to 14% which is believed to be due […]

HLGU’s service fraternity Phi Beta Delta is currently hosting their annual Beard Off competition to raise money for missions. Throughout the month of November, anyone can donate to keep their favorite beard in the competition. Each week, those with donation amounts in the bottom quarter are eliminated. Whoever has the largest amount of donations at […]

“A trip to Israel is in essence a rite of passage for every Christian – a pilgrimage in the truest sense. The origins of both ancient Biblical faith and of a modern day miracle intersect there. The land and the people of Israel have a story to tell.”-Passages Israel A group of 40+ students from […]

The HLGU men’s basketball team faced Webber International for their first home game of the year. It was a tight game jockeying for position and finished with the Trojans losing by one point 60-61. Several games the Trojans have lost have been close — really close — with losses by 1 point, 2 points, and […]