by Cade Slaughter / April 25, 2022 Approximately one week ago on Tuesday night, a shooting near Iowa Wesleyan University in Mount Pleasant, Iowa left an 18-year-old with minor injuries. Fortunately, no fatalities were recorded from the shocking incident. There is no doubt that safety has been one of the most-talked-about topics around Iowa Wesleyan […]

by Sam Leon / April 26, 2022 Hannibal-LaGrange University is seeking to fundraise $2.2 million to counter its current financial struggle. Vice President for Academic Administration Dr. Robert Matz explained that factors such as inflation and decreasing student attendance nationwide are among reasons for this. Dr. Matz told faculty Monday that the university has raised […]

by Cole Arndorfer / April 25, 2022 It was a big weekend for baseball and softball on the campus of Hannibal-LaGrange University as both teams held Senior Day at their respective games on Saturday afternoon honoring their graduating player’s commitment and accomplishments with the programs. Baseball Senior Day was held before an AMC Conference doubleheader […]

by Nick Gilbert / April 26, 2022 One of the world’s largest social media platforms has a new owner, and it’s none other than the richest person in the world. If he wasn’t before, he is now. Elon Musk Owner/Founder/CEO of Tesla Motors is now the official owner of the social media giant Twitter, Inc. […]

by Sam Leon / April 25, 2022 According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix shares fell 35% Wednesday hitting its lowest point since 2018. The streaming company has already lost 200,000 subscribers and expects to lose two million by the end of June. It is Netflix first time losing subscribers in over a decade. Factors […]

by Harrison Askey / April 26, 2022 After the trailer for Marvels new Thor movie, Thor Love and Thunder was released on April 18, Chris Pratt once again has found himself in the middle of some controversy. All of this controversy has been going on for years actually, and it is based on the simple […]

by Nick Gilbert / April 26, 2022 This week marks the final week of the National Hockey League regular season, and the push for the playoffs is coming to its conclusion. All teams have been established that will make the playoffs. All that awaits is final standings. Currently the Florida Panthers from the Eastern Conference […]

by Cade Slaughter / April 26, 2022 The veteran slugger has lately been impacting the St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball club in more ways than one, both on and off the field. A majority of Cardinals fans may have been shocked to see the 42-year-old veteran slugger pull off what he has done for the club. […]

by Marina Lelecas / April 26, 2022 General Motors president, Mark Reuss, announced in a LinkedIn post on Monday morning that General Motors would produce an electrified and fully electric version of the Chevrolet Corvette. Reuss notes in his post that the company will offer an electrified Corvette as early as next year. The term […]

by Harrison Askey / April 26, 2022 From the time they were acquired, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were considered to be some of the biggest threats in the Eastern Conference and certainly a duo to be looked out for. However fans had to wait to see the duo in action after Durant was out […]