On a cold morning at Principia College in Elsah, IL the HLGU men’s and women’s cross country teams took the field at the American Midwest Conference meet. At 26:32 after the gun went off to start the men’s race, freshman Alec Whitener was the first Trojan to cross the finish line. Whitener secured his bid […]

The HLGU exited the AMC playoffs in the first round for the 2nd straight year. The Trojans suffered a 0-1 loss to the Williams Baptist Eagles. The winner was set to travel to No.1 Columbia College. The Eagles lost the matchup against the Cougars 0-1 in golden goal overtime. Quick Facts The Trojans were able […]

Hannibal-LaGrange University Media Communications senior, Grant Geppert, held a Star Wars trivia night on Friday, November 8. Around 55 people showed up and divided into nine teams. Each team had up to five members. Geppert created ten rounds with ten questions each. During those rounds, teams answered questions from all of the Star Wars movies. […]

A Burger King restaurant located in New York recently became aware of a discount mistake that cost the chain a good chunk of money. The mistaken discount was available throughout the second and third quarters of the year. The discount that was being offered allowed customers to get 2 discounted sandwiches with a fry and […]

The college football playoff committee has finalized its top 25 for week 10. A look in at the top 6 teams… 1. LSU (9-0) The LSU Tigers are the team to beat heading into week 10. The Tigers have beat every opponent thus far in 2019. LSU is the favorite to win the SEC. LSU […]

In September, the California state legislature passed a law banning colleges from preventing athletes from hiring agents and accepting advertising deals. While the discussion has taken place in sports circles for years, this is the first time that a state legislature has passed a law that pertains to the issue. Similar to the NFL or […]

On Tuesday November 12, 2019 the new streaming Disney+ was released and Hannibal-LaGrange University students are taking advantage of it. The streaming service has many Disney movies and television series including the Live Action “Lady and The Tramp” and Star Wars “The Mandalorian”. According to many students, Disney+ is a great way to unwind after […]