One of recently inaugurated President Joe Biden’s first executive orders, the Gender Discrimination Order, has sparked criticism and a lot of potential change in society, especially in the area of women’s sports. The order states that people should be treated with respect and dignity and able to live without fear no matter who they are […]

The CFP National Championship, the NFL’s AFC & NFC Championships, McGregor, and much more are what is currently going on in the world of sports. On January 11, we saw the Alabama Crimson Tide take down the BIG Tens Champions in Ohio State by a score of 52-24. Connor McGregor is back for the first […]

The app MeWe has recently seen an increase in downloads as big tech companies are coming down on user content. MeWe is a social media app that is centered around data privacy. They do not do ads or targeting or newsfeed manipulation unlike other companies. MeWe describes their interface as an area where users have […]

Hannibal-LaGrange University has multiple sport intramurals hosted by Student Life. The intramural that is happening now is soccer. Teams of six can be formed by any students. Many teams signed up to show their soccer skills against other HLGU students. The first games were played on January 23. During the games, there were women soccer […]

There are many firsts when it comes to this individual especially in the world of sports. Sarah Thomas is an American born football official. She is currently apart of the officiating crew lead by referee Shawn Hochuli in the National Football League. Thomas was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi where she attended high school. She chose […]