by Cole Arndorfer / November 15, 2021 The Hannibal-LaGrange Men’s Soccer Team concluded its season last week with a 1-0 loss to Harris-Stowe State in the American Midwest Conference Tournament Semifinals. A very tight contest that went all the way down to the wire. The game was 0-0 up until the 84 minute mark when […]

by Dillon Dildine / November 16, 2021 The Hannibal-LaGrange University Women’s Volleyball Team hosted Central Baptist College in the Semifinal round of the American Midwest Conference Women’s Volleyball Tournament. This game was the first home playoff game for the women’s volleyball team in a very long time. This meant a lot for the team and the […]

by Nick Gilbert / November 16, 2021 The National Football League wrapped up its first double-digit week. With 18 weeks this year, every week from here going forward is as important as ever. Every division with the exception of two are only separated by a game for the lead. This past Thursday night we were […]

by Cole Arndorfer / November 15, 2021 Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III finds himself in hot water after being charged in a fatal car crash on November 2. Officially, Ruggs has been charged with four felonies and one misdemeanor for his involvement in a car crash early in the morning on […]

by Cade Slaughter / November 17, 2021 The judge in Kyle Rittenhouse’s recent homicide trial dismissed the misdemeanor related to gun charges Monday. The teenager faced the charge after defense lawyers argued that he did not violate the state statute in question because of his age, and due to the specific lengths of the semiautomatic […]

by Nick Gilbert / November 16, 2021 College Football is nearing its season end. Week 11 is in the books, and Conference Championships are just two weeks away and after that Bowl games. Plenty of time left for teams to change their fate in the coming weeks. The College Football playoff is among us with […]

by Harrison Askey / November 16, 2021 Some of Coach K’s players are in a bit of hot water after getting pulled over and arrested last Sunday morning. If you follow college sports, you are aware that this type of thing especially at big universities like Duke happens a lot, but when it happens to […]

by Harrison Askey / November 16, 2021 Hannibal-LaGrange Trojans men’s basketball team hosted their home opener against Iowa Wesleyan University November 13. The game had a packed crowd and a good environment with a lot of HLGU students and alumni coming out to watch the game. Early on it looked like it was going to […]

by Dillon Dildine / November 16, 2021 Before the start of the first week of the 2021-2022 school year Hannibal-LaGrange University’s Student Center was badly damaged in a storm. The roof was ripped off, the sides of the building were damaged, water filled up multiple spots in the center, but mostly, the top was flooded […]

by Cade Slaughter / November 17, 2021 Travis Scott, the recent organizer of the Astroworld Festival in Houston where at least eight people died, gave his first on-camera statement in a video posted to his Instagram account Saturday night. “We’re actually working right now to identify the families so we can help assist them through […]